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While training for the World Marathon Challenge, I have been able to talk at schools that are dedicated to working with students with learning challenges. I have also had the opportunity to attend events like the “Light It Up Red Event”, a fundraiser at the Bethany Public House, and participated in a fun run called the “Red Light Run” through Fleet Feet Sports PDX.  At these events, I have been able to share my story of being diagnosed with dyslexia and it being a part of my life. I feel grateful to be able to connect with people about this subject.

Growing up in the school system, there are times where I felt alone, because people generally did not talk about learning challenges. Knowing that there are 1 in 5 people that deal with this challenge, it clearly needs to be talked about more. By bringing this story to the surface, my hope is that others can connect with it and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. These young students do not need to feel alone and isolated, they need to feel supported and understood. This will help give them the confidence to work through challenges and turn them into opportunities. I am also talking with people that might not have dealt with learning challenges and helping bring them into the conversation. Part of the solution to helping young students feel more supported is to educate all.

As I continue to train for the challenge, my mission is to bring more awareness about the International Dyslexia Association, an organization I feel helps support these students through a number of practices. Here is a link to support the cause.

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